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Real Estate Litigation Attorneys

While you may perform you due diligence and search for foreseeable problems that can arise in the purchase, sale, or other transaction or development project involving real property, not every potential problem is apparent from the outset. Unfortunately, problems in any phase of a real estate project can expose your business to additional costs, delays, and the need to make concessions to intending tenants or business partners. A transaction that is not meticulously handled can result in your capital being indefinitely entangled in a real estate dispute.

Government Contracts Attorneys

A government contracts attorney can and inform your business of legal, legislative, or industry practices and concerns that must be accounted for when acting as an offeror for government contract. An experienced government contracts lawyer is typically knowledgeable about a broad array of concerns that can arise during the preparation of a proposal, after its submission, during the negotiating process, and concerns for after a deal is struck.

Commercial Litigation Attorney

Commercial and corporate clients aren’t simply looking for legal guidance and support. Many corporate clients want to know that the firm where they have built relationship will also be able to handle things when a dispute transform into commercial litigation. At Meredith & Narine, we recognize that businesses are often adverse to the monetary and time costs of litigation even when fundamental issues are at stake.

Breach of Contract Attorneys

Contracts form the basis of your business and its operations. You or your company may contract with suppliers of raw materials, parts manufacturers, or others to supply your business with the raw materials, and equipment it needs to carry out its operations. Furthermore when you hire an employee, you are agreeing to a contractual employment relationship. While a properly bargained-for and executed contract is backed by the force of law, a contract still operate on the basis of trust and practibility.

General Corporate Disputes Attorneys

As a business thrives and grows, its dealing and transactions typically become both more voluminous and more complex. While companies typically attempt to work-out these differences before they can grow into disputes or litigation, having dedicated corporate counsel who can review and analyze legal, non-legal, and other various factors to guide management decisions can be invaluable. Working closely with experienced corporate counsel can help your business identity dispute or litigation risks so that they can be timely and appropriately addressed before they transform into a drag on your company’s balance sheet.

Government Contract Management Attorneys

The field of government contract management involve the careful management of both the contract and the underlying relationship. In the governmental contracting field, this involves the careful and strategic stewardship of formal business relationships across a spectrum of government agencies. Guiding a private-sector supplier through the bid process and all aspects of the contractual process requires knowledge and experience under Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR), its agency supplements, and other federal rules and regulations concerning government contracts.

Bid Protests Attorneys

When the government is seeking a contractor or business to meet certain particularized needs and requirements for goods or services, prospective offerors must typically engage in a bid process. However, while bids and the award of a government contract may proceed smoothly and without issue in the majority of instances, there is always the possibility of a situation where an offeror may feel that the process was flawed, it resulted in an improper award, or there was some fundamental problem or inequity that influenced the process.

Issues for Non-Profit Corporations Attorneys

The federal, state, and local governments all work with non-profit companies, organizations, and entities to provide needed benefits and services to taxpayers. A national survey conducted by researchers from the Urban Institute found that roughly one-third of all 501(c)(3) non-profit revenue is attributed to governmental grants and contracts. In fact, the same study found that government agencies entered into contracting relationships with more than 56,000 nonprofits handling approximately 350,000 government contracts.

Preparation and Submission Bids Proposals and Offers Attorneys

Many companies, firms, and corporations aspire to do business with the federal government. Tales of federal largesse, a sense of citizenship & duty, and an appealing business opportunity all form the basis of reasons that entrepreneurs and businesses set their sight on the market for government contracts. However, the process and procedures associated with the preparation and submission of bid proposals and bid offers is a unique one where commercial experience may not be directly applicable or encourage improper action.

Breach of Non-Competition Agreements Attorneys

After an employment relationship has turned sour and the employee has departed the company, business or firm, most managers and business owners want to know if the non-compete agreement has been breached. Assuming that the agreement has been breached, most employers then want to know if the agreement is effective. That is, they want to know not only whether the non-compete will hold up in court, but also whether the potential relief provided by the agreement will be adequate to protect the business’ legitimate interests and purposes.

Franchisor and Franchisee Litigation Attorneys

Franchising is a legal and business development arrangement that confers responsibilities and benefits on both the franchisor and the franchisee. When the arrangement is a good fit and well considered both parties will benefit from the arrangement. That is, the franchisee can benefit from the power and draw of a respected and established brand. Furthermore, the franchisee can often leverage the advertising, administrative, and managerial resources the franchisor may provide or coordinate. The franchisor can benefit through the low-risk, and swift expansion of chain dispersal. Franchise fees can also provide resources for further business development.

Policy-Holder Insurance Coverage Issues Attorneys

Insurance is intended to spread risk throughout society so that the catastrophic consequences of concentrated risk do not act disproportionately on certain individuals, businesses, or industries. While insurance can insulate an insured from certain risks, the coverage provided by insurance is contractual in nature and subject to the terms and conditions of the policy, state, and federal law. In some cases, insurance companies may attempt to contort state or federal law to disclaim its duty to provide coverage in a matter. In other cases, the insurance company may delay, stall, and fail to act in good-faith regarding a coverage issue.

Consumer Fraud Prosecution and Defense Attorneys

Although misleading and deceptive business practices have long been illegal under federal mail and wire fraud statutes, the tools consumers and state governments had to combat such practices were rather constrained until the passage of UDAP, Unfair and Deceptive Acts & Processes, in the states chiefly during the 1960s in 1970s. Pennsylvania’s consumer protection statute known as Unfair Trade Practices and Consumer protection Law (UTPCPL) was passed in 1968 and targets deceptive and misleading trade practices targeted at consumers.

Emergency Commercial Litigation Attorneys

When another business or commercial venture is taking actions that are contrary to your contracted agreement or are otherwise unwarranted and extremely harmful to your business, the relief provided by engaging in commercial litigation to, hopefully, make a monetary recovery may be insufficient. In the time it takes for your legal matter to be decided or settled your brand may suffer significant, irreversible damage or your business may be forced to close.

Unfair Competition and Fixed Pricing Attorneys

Unfair competition laws are intended to and designed to protect consumers and other businesses against unfair or deceptive business practices. These laws protect consumers and companies that play by the rules from those businesses that are willing to cut corners, cheat, or lie to turn a profit. Without consumer protection laws, there is a high likelihood that dishonest businesses could out-compete honest operations by overstating quality, engaging in price fixing, or otherwise taking action that imperils the ability of parties to trade freely in good faith.

Class Action Lawsuits – Prosecution or Defense Attorneys

A class action lawsuit is an important legal tool. However, this means of asserting a claim is only appropriate in certain circumstances where a party or parties inflict a harm on a broad class of people. Class action lawsuits can be appropriate in a broad array of contexts including consumer protections matters, claims after an environmental disaster, securities class actions, injuries due to a prescription drug or medical device, or employees who claim to be discriminated against through a pattern of actions.

Price Adjustment Attorneys

When contemplating a business transaction, there are certain pieces of information that you know. For instance, you likely know your company’s current costs of production, the budget you have to work with in purchasing a good or service, and the length of the initial contract you are seeking. However there are many factors that even a seasoned negotiator cannot know or anticipate.

Representation of Small Businesses, Small Disadvantaged Businesses (SDBS), Women-Owned Small Businesses (WOSBS), Service Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Businesses (SDVOSBS)

Small business owners who are looking to take the next step in their company’s development may turn to the opportunities presented by government contracts. However, in relation to private-sector contracts, there are key differences in the procurement and handling of government-awarded contracts. Furthermore certain small businesses owned and controlled by one or more disadvantaged owners, women owners, or service-disabled veterans can be granted special opportunities.

Resolution of Business Disputes, in or out of Court, including Declaratory Judgment Actions

Most businesses and commercial enterprises simply wish to engage in their core business, grow their market, and ensure that the organization runs smoothly. Unfortunately, the nature of commercial dealing is that issues can and will arise. In some instances the business dispute may be attributed to a unilateral or mutual mistake regarding the terms of the deal, the meaning of certain language, or other factors directly relating to the contract or agreement.

Shareholder Arbitration and Litigation

Shareholder disputes are serious events and are often a harbinger of serious institutional problems that can jeopardize not only the continued profitability of the business, but also its viability. Shareholder disputes can arise for many reasons.

Proposal Submission and Negotiations of Price Proposals for Directed Contracts Awards

Businesses considering engaging in the government contracting process often face significant headwinds due to government contracting practices and policies that are unique and not present in private dealings.

Defective Pricing

The careful and strategic guidance of a trusted government contracting attorney can help government contractors facing an array of situations.

Convenience Termination Settlements

Government contracting is a well-respected and profitable industry, however working with the government within the Federal Acquisitions Regulations System (FARS) can be particularly complex. In some cases, mandatory requirements for engaging in the system may seem to run counter to an individual’s instincts or their experiences in the private markets.

Debarment, Defense of Fraud Investigations

Government contractors that are unable or unwilling to live up to the responsibilities and requirements set forth by the U.S. government can face suspension or debarment proceedings. These actions are administrative in nature and should only be utilized to protect the public interest in federal acquisitions. Debarment and suspension should not be used as punishment.

Foreign Military Sales

U.S. firms that wish to engage in military sales to foreign nations have multiple options in how they engage with foreign nations seeking to purchase military equipment. Contractors can make sales through the government-to-government Foreign Military Sales (FMS) program or through a direct commercial sale (DCS) to the foreign customer.

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