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Commercial and corporate clients aren’t simply looking for legal guidance and support. Many corporate clients want to know that the firm where they have built relationship will also be able to handle things when a dispute transform into commercial litigation. At Meredith & Narine, we recognize that businesses are often adverse to the monetary and time costs of litigation even when fundamental issues are at stake. Litigation costs can drag on a business regardless of its size, but working with an experienced and strategic commercial litigation attorney can ensure that your company has  positioned itself well and guarded against foreseeable litigation risks. While we always work to  avoid litigation, we will not hesitate to aggressively assert our client’s rights in situations where

Whether your company is facing the fallout from a failed acquisition or merger, a commercial contract dispute, employment disputes, or a litigation hold for another impending lawsuit the attorneys of Meredith & Narine can help. To schedule a confidential commercial litigation consultation, call our firm at (215) 995-2769 or online.

Commercial Litigators in Philadelphia Handle an Array of Matters

Our attorneys have handled commercial disputes and litigation for decades. This experience allows us to serve corporations engaged in aviation, banking, construction, energy, finance, insurance, real estate, and many other industries. We can handle issues not limited to:


Antitrust laws are intended to encourage or preserve competition in the marketplace. The major federal statutes include the Sherman Antitrust Act, the Clayton Ac, and the Federal Trade Commission Act. States have also enacted their own versions of laws intended to foster competition. Companies must account for these laws or face an increased litigation risk


The bankruptcy of your corporation or a company  you do business with can give rise to numbers legal issues including compensation for payments already made and damages for material and non-material breaches due to or in anticipation of the bankruptcy. Our firm can litigate issues arising from the bankruptcy.

Business Torts

Economic torts are common law-based rules on commercial liability for certain wrongful acts in a business context. Business torts include interference in a contractual relationship, fraud, tortious interference, restraints on trade and other economic issues.

Breach of Contract

A material or nonmaterial breach of contract can jeopardize your company’s ability to perform its own duties and obligations. Working with an experienced commercial litigator can help your business assess the full costs of the breach and move to protect your business’ bottom-line.

Intellectual Property Concerns

IP concerns involving business processes and methods is a concern for businesses in all industries. For companies in engineering, entertainment, content creation, information technology, consumer electronics, defense contracting, and other fields the protection of intellectual property is paramount. We can protect your trade secrets, copyrights, patents, trademarks and other types of intellectual property.

Employment Litigation

When an employment relationship fails, the employee may perceive discrimination or other wrongful acts. In other situations, the employee may violate a non-compete agreement or misuse privileged or confidential information. In either situation we can negotiate or litigate to enforce your business’ rights.

M &A

Mergers and acquisitions can allow a corporation to protect its interests by consolidating production costs and other expenses. In other circumstances a strategic acquisition can be an integral step in entering a new marketing. Regardless of your reasons for planning a M&A, our attorneys can litigate to work to protect your interests should the deal fall through.

We understand that there is more than one way to “win” or “lose” a litigated matter so we always begin by defining your businesses chief goals and interests. Once those goals have been established, we develop a litigation strategy that is likely to bring favorable results.

Targeted Litigation Strategies for Your Commercial Disputes

As every business owner can attest, each and every dispute is unique and creates the potential for an equally unique litigated matter. For nuanced and often technical commercial lawsuits, a one-size-fits all legal strategy is likely to be as ill-suited as it is ineffective. When facing issues of this type, strategic and appropriate action is essential. In some situations it may appear that bringing suit immediately is the option most likely to lead to a favorable result. However in other matters, being the first to escalate the matter and file suit may result in increased litigation costs that could have been averted through negotiation. In short, our attorneys work to provide on-point and strategic legal solutions for the problems your business facing.

Rely On Our Commercial Litigation Experience in Philadelphia

The commercial litigation attorneys of Meredith & Narine are dedicated to protecting the rights of business and corporations. We are always respectful and mindful of your company’s resources,  but we will not hesitate to litigate a matter if it appears to be the path most likely to bring favorable results. To schedule a confidential commercial litigation consultation call (215) 995-2769 today or contact us online.


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