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As a business thrives and grows, its dealing and transactions typically become both more voluminous and more complex. While companies typically attempt to work-out these differences before they can grow into disputes or litigation, having dedicated corporate counsel who can review and analyze legal, non-legal, and other various factors to guide management decisions can be invaluable. Working closely with experienced corporate counsel can help your business identity dispute or litigation risks so that they can be timely and appropriately addressed before they transform into a drag on your company’s balance sheet. Furthermore, if you are already in a dispute, outside corporate counsel can bring perspective and out-of-the-box solutions to other wise intractable problems.

In short, developing a relationship with corporate attorneys who can handle corporate disputes is an essential aspect of maintaining success, growth, and momentum for any successful business. However even with this fact in mind, many emerging companies in today’s challenging economic times may believe that these services can be forgone. While some companies may take this gamble without realizing the full extent of the value a corporate attorney can bring, others will move to develop a working relationship so that they are prepared to enforce their contractual rights, intellectual property, or otherwise move to protect the business’s interests. The corporate attorneys of Meredith & Narine are dedicated to handling corporate disputes professionally and strategically.

Common Types of Corporate Disputes

Corporate disputes can involve problems between two or more commercial enterprises, public-private partnerships, or even intracompany disputes. While our attorneys recognize that disagreement and disputes can never fully be avoided, they also recognize that parties who can resolve matters earlier in the process can devote more of their resources to pursuing their business goals. Therefore our attorneys attempt to strike a careful balance of assertiveness and discretion in matters including:

  • Transactional disputes — Problems in commercial transactions can arise in an array of circumstances including problems with bills of lading, non-conforming goods, letters of credit, import export financing, and many other issues.
  • Corporate governance disputes – Whistleblowers have been incentivized to come forward and report perceived wrongdoing. Sarbanes Oxley (SOX) provides a framework for many of these claims. Qui tam or False Claims Act complaints, if proven, can result in trebled damages and a host of other consequences.
  • Contractual disputes & claims – The failure of another party to perform, in-part or in-whole, can disrupt your business and its ability to operate. We can work to resolve situations where material or non-material terms have been breached or where the party has expressed an anticipatory breach.
  • Real estate disputes – Whether your company manages a commercial property portfolio or is seeking to lease or purchase space, we can provide guidance through all stages of this transaction.
  • Employment disputes – while employers and employees set out with the best intentions, sometimes relationships simply do not work out. We can handle non-compete, discrimination claims, and other disputes that may arise from a failed employment relationship.

The corporate dispute attorneys of Meredith & Narine can handle can handle these and other common corporate disputes.

Why Do Businesses Need a Corporate Attorney to Handle Disputes?

Businesses may cite short-term cash flow issues as a reason why they have not establishing a continuing and ongoing relationship with a lawyer who handles corporate disputes by managing a company’s litigation risk. A lawyer handling corporate disputes may look to your company’s on-boarding procedures for new employees and generalized employment practices to spot areas that are ripe for dispute. He or she may recommend the inclusion of certain legal language to protect the employer or because it is required by law. Furthermore careful review of your employment practices and procedures can permit the attorney to better protect your business from the theft of intellectual property including products and your business processes and methods. Furthermore dedicated counsel can handle negotiations with other companies for licensing, real estate, or other issues. While there are short-term costs involved, the long-term cost savings and reduced litigation risk can more than justify this investment.

Rely on Our Decades of Business Dispute Resolution

At Meredith & Narine, our attorneys have developed practical experience over years or decades of practice. When your business works with a Meredith & Narine attorney, you can expect and aggressive, but professional approach to resolving difficult corporate disputes and disagreements. A proactive approach can save your company money while protecting its rights. To schedule a confidential corporate dispute consultation call us at (215) 995-2769 or contact us online.

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