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The field of government contract management involve the careful management of both the contract and the underlying relationship. In the governmental contracting field, this involves the careful and strategic stewardship of formal business relationships across a spectrum of government agencies. Guiding a private-sector supplier through the bid process and all aspects of the contractual process requires knowledge and experience under Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR), its agency supplements, and other federal rules and regulations concerning government contracts.

While many of the basic principles of government contract management are very similar to those used in traditional private-sector commercial contract management, important differences exist. A government contracting attorney should know these differences and how they apply to your government contracting matter. At Meredith & Narine, our attorneys have decades of experience handling these matters for an array of private sector industries including businesses in the construction, defense, manufacturing, healthcare, engineering, financial, and technology sectors. When you work with a Meredith & Narine government contract management attorney, you can rest assured that all aspects of your contractual relationship will be handled professionally and strategically.

How does an Attorney Manage Government Contracts?

A government contract management attorney handles a broad array of tasks throughout the life of a contractual obligation. Under the standards and guidelines provided by Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) and its agency supplements, the government contract management attorney works with a government “contracting officer.” FAR is intended to provide “uniform policies and procedures for acquisition.” Compared to commercial contract management, the rules and regulations set forth by FAR are considered particularly complex, with implications ranging from the proposal and negotiation and through the performance, management and closeout of the government contract.

In short, a government contract management attorney handles the intersection of the legal and contract management professionals. Such an individual can negotiates, administer, and renegotiate both standard and nonstandard contracts. This individual can assess contractual performance by both parties to determine the feasibility of the terms. If the contract is no longer practicable or feasible, the attorney can explore options regarding amendment or other measures to ensure that all material terms are timely executed. Furthermore the attorney can ensure that the finalized documents are reflective of negotiated terms. Finally, a contract management attorney can work to educate your team members and other personnel regarding not only government contract best practices, but also the acts that are required to maintain full compliance with all relevant regulations. We can review the broad outlines of major aspects of FAR’s Part 52 concerning matters including:

  • mandatory solicitation provisions
  • mandatory-when-applicable solicitation provision
  • discretionary solicitation provisions
  • mandatory contractual language and clauses
  • mandatory-when-applicable contractual clauses
  • discretionary contractual clauses

Our attorneys can handle government contracting rules and questions and their application to your business concerns. We can address questions regarding the failure to include legally mandated language and other government contracting concerns.

Government Contract Management Attorneys Bring Unique Skills and Follow Particularized Ethical Considerations

Businesses already involved in government contracting know that while commercial experience can be helpful to the management of government contracts, disparate and specialized skills, knowledge, and ethical considerations are also essential. To that end, certification programs developed by the National Contract Management Association (NCMA) provide an on-going education for attorneys practicing in this field. Some particularized statutory & contractual knowledge and experience required to competently handle a government contract include:

  • Compliance with FAR in all aspects of contract management — FAR covers all aspects of government contract management including acquisition planning, types of contractors, regulations regarding certain socioeconomic programs, and many other aspects of the contract.
  • Bid protests – Prospective bidders or other interested parties may challenge a government procurement contract. These bid protests are heard in the GAO’s Procurement Law Division. We can file a bid protest or defend against one on a broad array of grounds including acceptance, price, and other bid defects
  • 8(a) Certification, Litigation and Appeals – Certification of minority businesses through the Small Business Administration (SBA) can be a difficult process, but our attorneys understand the concerns of the SBA and can handle hearings and appeals held at the SBA Office of Hearings and Appeals and other forums.

The experienced government contracting attorneys can handle an array of other concerns and interests your business may have regarding the negotiation, acquisition, execution, and closeout of government contracts

Rely on Our Government Contract Management Experience

The attorneys of Meredith & Narine are dedicated to providing high-quality representation for all aspects of the management of government contracts. To discuss how our firm can assist your business, call us at (215) 995-2769 or contact us online for a confidential consultation.

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