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While you may perform you due diligence and search for foreseeable problems that can arise in the purchase, sale, or other transaction or development project involving real property, not every potential problem is apparent from the outset. Unfortunately, problems in any phase of a real estate project can expose your business to additional costs, delays, and the need to make concessions to intending tenants or business partners. A transaction that is not meticulously handled can result in your capital being indefinitely entangled in a real estate dispute.

If your real estate project has run into trouble or is teetering on the brink or a major dispute, the experienced real estate attorneys of Meredith & Narine can fight for you. Likewise, if your firm or business has been served or is considering taking legal action to enforce its right, we can fight aggressively and strategically to achieve your legal goals.

Philadelphia Real Estate Attorneys Handle a Broad Array of Disputes

Our attorneys are experienced in handling a wide-breadth of litigated real estate matters. Regardless of whether you or your company is seeking assistance in mediating a matter, an arbitration hearing, or taking a perceive wrong all the way to trial our firm can help. Some of the more common areas of dispute where we can provide seasoned legal guidance include:

  • Purchase/Sale contracts and issues 

    We can handle disputes that may arise in the post-closing phase and other problems. We can request for specific performance of contractual provisions following a breach or work to recover compensatory and other damages for your business.

  • Foreclosure, loan work-outs, and bankruptcy

    We can handle issues that arise due to the terms of secured loans and other financing decisions. We can work to advocate the enforcement of terms, for a loan work-out, and issues related to bankruptcy and the automatic stay.

  • Title disputes

    We can address issues related to liens & ownership priority, ownership of property, easement rights, adverse possession disputes, and bona fide purchaser/encumbrancer status.

  • Real estate acquisition and  development

    We can also handle litigated matters relating to the purchase and subsequent development of property for retail, business, residential, or other commercial purposes. We are experienced working with purchase and sale agreements, land use and zoning issues, and option agreements.

  • Public-private partnership issues

    Public funding and public-private partnerships in projects relating to redevelopment or infrastructure can provide financing opportunities, however these opportunities often come with conditions attached. If disputes regarding the satisfaction of these terms and conditions arise, we can advocate on your firm’s behalf.

  • Entity management, ownership structure and operating agreement disputes

    Ownership disputes can paralyze a business entity and make prudent management difficult or impossible. If the management structure has broken down we can handle matters of company dissolution and other related legal issues.

  • Commercial lease disputes

    Commercial leaseholds can give rise to a number of issues including constructive or actual eviction, right of first refusal, and a host of other problems.

  • Eminent domain issues

    Takings by eminent domain can serve legitimate development purposes, but the practice is also subject to abuse unconstitutional takings. We approach each eminent domain issue on its individual merits and drawbacks before taking appropriate action for our client.

  • Construction disputes

    Common issues that can arise during the construction phase include problems relating back to excavation issues, subsidence, and typical disputes involving contractor or construction firm disputes.

  • ESEPA Superfund claims & other government actions

    Our firm can also handle federal government claims and similar state-based claims. Our firm can also handle other enforcement actions by the government or private disputes regarding environmental remediation costs.

Over our attorneys years of practice we have developed a deep knowledge and understanding of issues related to real estate and its subsequent development. Through this experience our frim can deliver not only strategic, on-point legal guidance on a broad array of issues, but also deliver cost-effective and efficient solutions to you legal concerns.

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Rely on A Real Estate Litigation Attorney

At Meredith & Narine, our attorneys have decades of experience handling real estate disputes and an array of complex commercial and governmental matters. Our multi-disciplinary approach not only allows us to handle a broad array of issues and claims, but also provides perspective to our attorneys so that the big picture and your legal goals always remain at the forefront. To schedule a confidential consultation to discuss your real estate litigation concerns, call 215-995-2769 or contact us online today.

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